Should you send your dog to school?

Thinking about getting a dog? Start here!

Our owner Zoe Sandor – certified professional dog trainer and co-star on Animal Planet’s “Cat vs. Dog!” joined Tim Berthold on Thriving Dog Pawcast to answer all your dog training questions such as:
When should I start training?
What about my rescue?
Does my dog have to go to obedience school? 

She gives plenty of tips on:

  • Training puppies
  • 4 life stages of dogs
  • Risks vs. benefits of socializing your dog
  • Fun tricks
  • [1:44] How Zoe got into dog training
  • [6:32] Getting certified as a dog trainer
  • [11:01] Your dog’s 4 life stages
  • [15:45] Do’s and don’ts with new puppies
  • [21:04] How your adult dog mentors your puppy
  • [25:42] What you should know about your dog’s adolescent stage
  • [34:53] What your TRAINED dog can do
  • [37:19] Pet parent homework
  • [40:09] How to know if your dog is in secondary FIERCE stage
  • [52:43] Tips for rescues