San Diego Dog and Puppy Training

As San Diego’s first and only canine prep school, we offer a combination of structure and education never before seen in the training community.

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Our San Diego Dog and Puppy Training and Enrichment Services

Pack Method Prep offers certified dog training and care throughout greater San Diego County. Don’t see what you want? Contact us to request customized dog training.

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“[Atlas] has changed so much it is unbelievable...”
Jill D.
Prep School & Dog-Only Lessons
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“The trainers are great and my dog absolutely loved going.”
Laney M.
Prep School
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“Zoe and her team are absolutely incredible!”
Jordann P.
Prep School

Why Us for Your San Diego Dog and Puppy Training?

Valuable Basic Obedience Commands

Pack Method Prep School students are guided through a curriculum consisting of a series of the most valuable basic obedience commands in a group of 8-12 of their peers. Your pup will learn command recognition around distractions.

Through Puppy Days and Beyond

Created by Certified Trainer and former Animal Planet personality Zoe Sandor, Pack Method Prep was designed specifically to support dogs through their formative years and beyond.

Happy Pups and Parents

Parents receive expert training advice on their pups’ individual needs and learn how to communicate effectively with their dog.

We believe that Prep School isn’t just about producing an obedient dog or a well behaved puppy – it’s about creating fulfillment in the relationship on both ends of the leash!

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Areas We Service in San Diego

We service all of San Diego County, including the communities of:

More About Our San Diego Dog and Puppy Training

At Prep School, dogs are pushed to reach their full potential by a staff of canine experts with nothing BUT time to spend on YOUR dog. The unique curriculum and the variety of ways progress is tracked makes this program the only one in San Diego designed to produce a balanced and satisfied dog over the long term.

Our San Diego Puppy Training FAQs:
How long does my dog need to attend Prep School?

Three to six consecutive months is recommended as a minimum. Prep School is not a quick fix. It is meant to instill lasting effects. In order to do this, Students need the time to both learn the material and master it.

What is the best age for my dog to start Prep School?

The best age for ANY dog to start training in a facility setting is 4 months as their brains are still relatively spongey and the education tends to leave the biggest impression. However, there is also no WORST age to start training. Students start Prep School at 10 mos, 2 years, or 5 years and STILL obtain huge lasting benefits.

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