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Expert Dog Training and Education in San Diego

Pack Method Prep is San Diego’s first and only canine school that revolutionizes the way you think about canine education!

Canine Training and Care Services

Prep School

Canine students are divided into classroom packs of 8–12, where they work with a certified canine teacher and assistant to reach their full potential.

Canine students are divided into classroom packs of 8–12, where they work with a certified canine teacher and assistant to reach their full potential.

What You Can Expect From Our Services

Experienced and Certified Instructors

Reward-Based Training Methods

Customized Applications

“[Atlas] has changed so much it is unbelievable...”
Jill D.
Prep School & Dog-Only Lessons
“The trainers are great and my dog absolutely loved going.”
Laney M.
Prep School
“Zoe and her team are absolutely incredible!”
Jordann P.
Prep School

Prep School FAQs

Our unique Prep School curriculum makes ours the only dog training program in San Diego designed to provide the framework for a balanced and confident dog.

What are the benefits of Prep School?

Our strategic project was designed for real success. We track each student’s progress in a variety of ways, and you can expect results such as:

  • Proficiency in 9 basic dog obedience commands
  • Respect for other dogs, as well as a knowledge of their social cues and boundaries
  • Increased confidence around different people, dogs, and situations
  • Improved responsiveness to dog training commands around distraction
  • Impulse control and good decision making skills in a social environment
  • Self-calming mechanisms in high arousal situations

Learn more about the benefits of Prep School and Why is Prep School Right for You?

What is the schedule for Prep School?

Prep School’s schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Included private tutor sessions take place on campus on the weekends.

Are parents required to attend Prep School?

Nope. You drop your dog off in the morning and pick them up in the evening JUST like human school!

How do I learn more about Prep School?

To learn more, visit our Prep School page and FAQs.

About Our Expert Team and Founder Zoe Sandor

Over a Decade of Professional Experience
Certified Canine Behavior Consultant (1 of 4 in San Diego!)
Co-starred in Animal Planet’s Cat Vs. Dog
Zoe Sandor designed Pack Method Prep specifically to support dogs through their formative years and beyond. She has been training dogs professionally for over 10 years, is one of only 4 Certified Canine Behavior Consultants in San Diego, and was selected to co-star on the Animal Planet series Cat Vs. Dog.

At Pack Method Prep, students are educated, socialized, exercised, and cared for by a staff of loving, highly trained, experienced, and certified instructors. Budding brains need constant and long-term reinforcement, stimulation and supervision. Don’t take on this task alone – Zoe and her team are here to help!

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