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Clairemont Dog and Puppy Training

Pack Method Prep offers certified dog and puppy training near Clairemont, San Diego. Our goal is to make your dog the best version of themselves through guided training, enrichment, and socialization.

Our Clairemont Dog and Puppy Training Services

Prep School

Canine students are divided into classroom packs of 8–12, where they work with a certified canine teacher and assistant to reach their full potential.

Canine students are divided into classroom packs of 8–12, where they work with a certified canine teacher and assistant to reach their full potential.

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Why Pack Method Prep for Your Clairemont Dog and Puppy Training?

Structure and Education

Pack Method Prep School students are guided through a curriculum consisting of a series of the most valuable basic obedience commands in a group of 8-12 of their peers.

Created and Led by Canine Experts

Our carefully crafted training courses and curriculum were created by a team of canine professionals and honed for over 4 years, and includes everything from core obedience commands to canine enrichment and supervised socialization.

A Unique and Changing Curriculum

Students are kept on their toes with a curriculum that changes each week, plus the addition of some extracurricular brain games like basic tricks and bonding through toy play.

Happy Pups and Parents

We believe that Prep School isn’t just about producing an obedient dog or a well behaved puppy – it’s about creating fulfillment in the relationship on both ends of the leash!

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“[Atlas] has changed so much it is unbelievable...”
Jill D.
Prep School & Dog-Only Lessons
“The trainers are great and my dog absolutely loved going.”
Laney M.
Prep School
“Zoe and her team are absolutely incredible!”
Jordann P.
Prep School

About Our Clairemont Dog and Puppy Training School

Designed to Support a Balanced & Confident Dog

Whether you need your dog to be supervised while you’re at work or you want your new puppy to get started off on the right foot with proper training, Pack Method Prep can help.

Our unique curriculum and variety of dog training capabilities makes this program the only one near Clairemont designed to produce a satisfied and more confident dog over the long-term.

What Results to Expect

Once your dog completes our course, you can expect them to:

  • Be fully proficient in a number of basic dog commands
  • Communicate well with other dogs
  • Have an increased overall confidence and a stronger bond with YOU, their parent

Clairemont Dog Training FAQs

Do I come with my dog to Prep School?

Nope. You drop your dog off in the morning and pick them up in the evening JUST like human school!

Is the mid-day nap really necessary?

Yes! Prep School is extremely mentally challenging. This type of stimulation requires downtime so that the doggie brain can absorb the lessons from the first half of the day and be reinvigorated to accept more during the second half of the day.

Will my dog get homework?

No, but you will! Each tuition package includes monthly private tutor sessions which take place here at PMP. In these sessions, you’ll be given customized insight into your dog’s personality and will learn how to use the commands and tricks your pup has been taught to reinforce a positive relationship in the home environment and beyond.

How long does my dog need to attend Prep School?

Three to six consecutive months is recommended as a minimum. Prep School is not a quick fix for your dog. It is meant to instill lasting effects. In order to do this, doggie students need the time to learn the material, develop their impulse control and social skills, and then set those behaviors to memory.

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