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Revolutionize the way you think about canine education! Enroll NOW in the FIRST canine preparatory school in San Diego County!

Pack Method Prep offers a combination of structure and education never before seen in the training community.  For 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, Prep School students are guided through a customizable Basic to Advanced curriculum designed to teach, maintain, and hone the core characteristics of a well-mannered pup. Created by Certified Trainer and former Animal Planet personality Zoe Sandor, Pack Method Prep was designed specifically to support dogs through their formative years, the developmental period from 4mos-3yrs.

Students are educated, socialized, exercised, and cared for by a staff of loving, highly trained, experienced, and Certified instructors. Budding brains need constant and long-term reinforcement, stimulation and supervision. Don’t take on this task alone.


Contact Pack Method Prep today to reserve a spot for Oct 2018!

List of Services

  • *Preparatory School (consisting of):
– day long care with built-in obedience training
– supervised off-leash socialization
– mental AND physical exercise
– mandatory rest periods
– desensitization to sights, sounds and handling variations
– field trips
– in-home tutoring
  • Group Classes
  • Canine Athlete Training
  • Educational Seminars

Why is Prep School right for you?

  • I want the best socialization and training environment possible for my dog.
  • I need my dog to be supervised while I work, but I don’t want their training to suffer.
  • I have a new dog/puppy (4 mos or older) and I want to start them off on the right foot.
  • My dog has trouble responding to my commands around distractions, especially other dogs!
  • My dog is timid around new dogs/people and needs extra help to gain confidence and learn.
  • My dog gets too excited when he/she plays with or is meeting other dogs.
  • My dog just completed a board and train program and I don’t want them to forget what they learned.
  • My dog doesn’t do well at traditional cage-free daycares because he/she…

-Gets overwhelmed in large group settings.

-Becomes overstimulated without enough structure.

-Becomes disobedient with high dog:human ratios.

-Does not receive obedience training while at daycare.

  • My dog is aggressive to people/dogs.

*The word “aggression” is often misused as a label for actually non-aggressive behaviors. Sometimes a dog can display seemingly aggressive behaviors that are a direct result of overstimulation, lack of impulse control, an excess of energy, the need for socialization, etc. If this is what is happening with your pup, then Prep School will be able to help turn these problem behaviors around However, if after a verbal consultation and/or in-person evaluation, your pup is deemed to be truly human or dog aggressive, Prep School would not be the right fit for your family. But we are more than happy to refer you to more appropriate training options!


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2830 Garnet Ave. Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92109
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