Prep School Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to help dogs build life skills through command training and social/emotional development.

A Rotating, Dynamic Curriculum

Each day students can expect a routine daily schedule consisting of multiple periods of recess (socialization), training, and rest time.

Learning is kept fun and engaging during training periods with a rotating curriculum that changes each day and includes:

  • Command practice
  • Enrichment/bonding activities
  • Trick Training
  • And more!

Training (Intellectual Development)

Core Commands

The Prep School curriculum consists of 9 basic obedience commands specifically chosen to help parents communicate better with their dogs.

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Wait
  • Stay
  • Place
  • Touch
  • Drop It
  • Look
  • Heel

Learn More:

Private Tutor Sessions for Parents
Parents meet with their assigned teacher once per month (usually on a weekend day) on-site at PMP for their included Private Tutor Session. During this session, parents receive a Report Card and are walked through their pups current social/emotional and intellectual progress. Every lesson they are brought up to speed with 1-3 of the core commands and taught how to reinforce their dog’s training at home. Additionally, every session includes information on an important aspect of overall canine rearing and education – such as an introduction to how dogs learn, or how dogs communicate, or how to reinforce calm.
Standardized Testing
Our Core Command test evaluates overall progress specifically in the command training aspect of the program. We implement an entrance exam, midterm and final evaluation in order to ensure your dog is on track in that area and performing at the expected level.

Recess (Social Development)

Social Skill Coaching

Students are placed in a classroom based on their size and temperament. Throughout the course of their program, they are coached by their certified teacher and teaching assistant on a variety of important social skills, such as:

  • Confidence in a social setting
  • Appropriate play initiation and de-escalation
  • Personal space communication
  • Relaxation amidst distractions

Social Development FAQs:

What are Pack Method Prep’s recess rules?
  • Polite greetings
  • Controlled noise
  • Fair communication
  • Respect rest breaks
  • Soft treat taking (no crowding)
What is the student to teacher ratio for recess?
Recess play groups consist of a maximum of 12 dogs, closely supervised by a trainer. Students get to socialize with other pups in their classroom during 3 recess periods each day.
Do report cards track progress at recess?
Report cards are used to track when students are meeting their command training milestones but mostly to track overall progress in the students social/emotional development. Parents review report cards monthly at their on-site private tutor sessions.

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Canine Enrichment (Emotional Development)

Helping Dogs Build Confidence & Stability

Canine enrichment activities are sprinkled throughout the curriculum in order to help dogs build confidence and explore their instincts like sniffing and foraging. These activities allow trainers to bond with their students, creating a trusting relationship and improving the training experience overall.

Every dogs’ needs, interests and motivations are unique. Customizing and providing an outlet for a students’ specific desires decreases anxiety and increases emotional stability.

Graduation Report

As dogs age, their likes and dislikes change. They can become more social, or more selective. They can desire more advanced engagement or more relaxation. At the end of the 6 month program, parents receive a Graduation Report. The document details the dog’s training progress but also expands on what the teacher has learned about the dogs unique personality.

The thorough report covers how to continue reinforcing command reliability and also identifies what ongoing activities will be best suited to support the students emotional growth and overall happiness for post-grad life.

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Our Resource Library

Pack Method Prep’s Resource Library has been developed over 10 years and includes vetted articles, videos, and service links covering a wide range of canine topics. In addition to the hands on learning they receive at Prep School, parents can feel confident coming to us to get educated answers to ALL their dog related questions.
Whether you need help troubleshooting behavioral issues that only occur at home (such as counter surfing or separation anxiety) or need recommendations for local services like dog daycare, pet sitters, and canine health professionals, our expert trainers have the knowledge and resources to help.

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