Professionally Guided Socialization 

PMP Social Club members spend their day in a play group of 6-12 dogs, supervised by experienced Pack Method Prep trainers. Play groups are customized based on temperament and training needs and small group sizes allow each dog to be individually catered to.  Trainers emphasize impulse and emotional control as a foundation for the fun by teaching members to “Break” from play on command and keep stimulation levels to a minimum.

Canine Enrichment

Each day, members will be challenged with entertaining Canine Enrichment activities. Canine Enrichment is not obedience training. It is a mental exercise that allows your dog to use their senses and natural instincts in fun and engaging ways.  Through participation in these games, your pups stimulation needs will be fulfilled and their energy depleted! A perfect addition to your pups’ social / educational calendar.

Drop In or Join the Club

Social Club is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pups are dropped off between 7:30-9am and picked up between 5-6:30pm, giving them a full day of play and mental stimulation. Drop in as a guest or sign up for a monthly membership. Drop ins are subject to availability, monthly members are guaranteed a spot!

Drop In- $71 per day

Membership- $530 per month