Prep School students are guided through a customizable Basic to Advanced curriculum designed to teach, maintain, and hone the core characteristics of a well-mannered pup. Created by Certified Trainer and former Animal Planet personality Zoe Sandor, Pack Method Prep was designed specifically to create the strong foundation necessary to produce a sustainably happy and well-balanced adult canine.

Whether it’s enrolling dogs at 4 months or 4 years of age, Pack Parents are those that value their Fur Kid’s needs as canines, not just as human companions. They understand the importance of long-term reinforcement, structure, socialization, mental stimulation, and exercise in their dog’s life and that these results are achievable when those needs are met by a compassionate and experienced team of Instructors.



  • Proficiency at all basic obedience commands.
  • Respect for other dogs and their social cues and boundaries.
  • Increased confidence around different people, dogs, and situations.
  • Improved responsiveness to commands around distractions.
  • Impulse control and good decision-making skills in social environments.
  • Self-calming mechanisms in high arousal situations.



  • 3-5 Days/Week, 7:30am – 6:30pm
  • All Day, Formal Training by Highly Experienced and Certified Instructors

  • 4 Periods of Concentrated Education On Standard Curriculum Including Obedience Training, Canine Enrichment, Desensitization, Socialization, Real World Training, Tricks And More
  • ‘Study Hall’ Focuses on Individualized Curriculum Based On You And Your Pups Specific Needs
  • 2 Leash-Free Recesses for Exercise and Socialization, 1 Nap for Mental Development
  • Weekly Progress Updates, Monthly Private Tutoring Session and Report Card



  • Have trouble responding to your commands around distractions, especially other dogs?
  • Act timid around new dogs/people and need extra help to gain confidence & learn before attending a doggy daycare?
  • Get too excited when he/she plays with or is meeting other dogs and could benefit from off-leash dog training?
  • Not do well at traditional cage-free daycares due to disobedience and regressed behavior from a lack of training courses, structure, or individual attention?


  • Want the best dog socialization & dog training environment possible?

  • Need your dog to be supervised while at work & want to maintain their previous training?

  • Have a new dog (4 months or older) and want to start them off on the right foot with proper training?

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See what our clients have to say…


Zoe Sandor

From Animal Planet’s Cat vs. Dog


Zoe is the mastermind behind the Pack Method Prep concept.  She has been training dogs professionally for over a decade.  In only the past few years, she has assisted in growing and managing a startup dog daycare, helped grow a small local training company into achieving recognition as The #1 Dog Training Company in San Diego, and started her own private training company, Zoe’s Dog Training, which is one of the highest recommended and best reviewed training companies in the city. In 2016-2017 her hard work paid off in a big way as she was selected to co-star in a series on Animal Planet called Cat Versus Dog alongside the world’s most respected domestic cat expert.


During her time in San Diego, Zoe forged bonds with a number of the canine experts in the area, from veterinarians to groomers, daycare owners to pet sitters, canine wellness experts to nutritionists. She began to specialize in creating a holistic solution to each canine behavior challenge by integrating these professionals into the dogs modification program, ensuring that every influential aspect of the dogs life was held accountable for its impact on the dog’s overall behavior. This unique approach lead her to the idea of Pack Method Prep, a training facility and program that integrates structure and socialization in a way that can truly create a foundation that lasts.

Zoe has a passion for bringing canine professionals together in an effort to create options for pet parents that are realistic, effective, and educational. She believes that Pack Method Prep will not only be a place where canine Students reach their full potential but where canine PARENTS are challenged to better their understanding of the canine species as a whole.  Her personal motto is “Live Life, Train Dogs” and through the PMP platform, Zoe strives to make this relaxed view of canine ownership achievable for the masses.

Zoe is CPDT- KA Certified and has a Bachelors in Business Management from Syracuse University (she also minored in Music Industry – for an extra treat, check out her alter ego as Mad Z from the local rock band MAd Z and The Boones).